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GSMtool for Palm OS

Send and receive messages to and from mobiles

Send SMS messages with GSMtool using the IR ports of your handheld device.

This program allows you complete access to your phone book in your GSM mobile and has complete communication with all your addresses.

It can however be somewhat confusing when it comes to introducing all necessary data, such as the city or SMS server dialling code. (You can find out these details in your mobile).

GSMTool works with Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens s25-35 and Motorola with AT-Command functions, all of which must be equipped with an Infrared port.

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GSMtool 1.42b

User reviews about GSMtool

  • by Anonymous

    Clever. This is a clever program because I can get sick of having to hold two devices together and the light keeps going off. This is g More